Our Services

We know brand awareness plays every important role on every successful brand. Without brand awareness and brand recognition the brand will cease to exist! 

There are various marketing opportunities in the Iraqi Market, however not all companies have the financial resources or the luxury to explore the various advertising mediums. Even with a big budget the challenge lies in creating advertising consumers will remember. Our Mission is to offer our clients advertising mediums that will raise brand awareness without breaking the bank. We will test the effectiveness of your message in each medium to find the best way for promoting your products and services. 

Here is our services, don’t hesitate to tell us about any other advertising service you need we would gladly help you out

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is a very effective source of appealing customers or clients to certain businesses. Choose your station, and more importantly, your words wisely depending on your audience to achieve the best results.

Giveaway & promotional items

We want to work with you to determine the purpose of the custom giveaway item for your special event, But it you're just browsing through and don't exactly know what exactly you are looking for just tell us & we can guide you through choosing the best products that suits the goal of your campaign.

TV Advertising

We at Zamwa have the privilege of dealing with all TV channels in Iraq and all over the Arab world and even in the entire planet, guaranteeing that we will offer you the best prices, you just name it we can get it!

Online Advertising

Fast, effective and challenging, simply having a link to your website on a popular web page can open doors to endless opportunities. Giving you the flexibility of delivering more than one message in a smaller scale space without being restricted by geography or time.

Press Advertising

This covers advertisements featured In magazines and newspapers. The advantage of press advertising Is that you can closely target your audience placing your ad alongside specialized topics, e.g. Sports, technology, trade, health beauty and so on. Starting from small spaces to full page, press advertising has proved to be successful and effective with our clients.

LED & Billboards Advertising

Outdoor advertising offers a strong presence and the visibility to influence your consumer/targeted audience on a day to day basis. Targeting top designated market areas will offer a boost and better effectiveness to your advertising campaign.

We Would Be Happy To Hear About Your Brand Or Business Or Whatever You Want To Run Ads For.​