About Us

Zamwa is a rapidly growing company known for innovation and excellence in the development of out-of-home media properties, was established in 2004 in Baghdad by the pioneers of Outdoor Advertising in Iraq. Since installing the first sign in Baghdad, the company has grown in importance to become one of the top rank OOH advertising companies of Iraq.


We enjoy long-term business relationship with multinational and national advertisers and have always tried our best to provide them service with professional approach. We have many years of working relations with most of our clients and it has always been our priority to keep our brands ahead of their competition in OOH universe. There is almost no category to which we have not rendered our services.
We have been involved in introducing many OOH mediums in Iraq and we have comprehensive insight of the technicalities of all the OOH mediums.
At present the company is engaged in operating & monitoring of more than 1800 Outdoor advertising displays across Iraq.


يسعدنا ان تتصل بنا وتخبرنا عن مشروعك أو علامتك التجارية أو أيا كان الذي تريد ان تعلن له.

We Would Be Happy To Hear About Your Brand Or Business Or Whatever You Want To Run Ads For.​